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About Jim Henderson

I am an author and technologist with 20 years of practical experience working in the field of Information Technology. I am currently the testing program manager at Novell, Inc.  I have served the training services department in a few areas, including as an instructor and as the manager of the instructor programs (CNI and NAI).  I have also been a member of the Skills Assessment and Certification team.

My areas of expertise include Novell eDirectory, Novell Identity Manager, Novell NetWare, Linux (SUSE and others). I hold a few certifications as well: LPIC-1, Novell CNI, Novell CNA6, Novell CDE, Novell CLA10, and Novell CLP10. I have both designed and taught courses on Novell eDirectory.

The views expressed on this blog are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer. Any similarity between my views and the official position of my employer on these topics is purely coincidental.


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