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January 11, 2009

A Change in Responsibilities

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It’s been a little while since my last post – 2008 was a crazy busy year for me, and it culminated in a change in my job responsibilities.  The change started in September after a couple members of my team were laid off and I was asked to take up handling Novell’s practicum exam registrations.

In November, I was asked to take over our testing programs, so I’ve been working on learning an entirely new aspect of the training business.

I’m still in the process of assimilating information about testing processes, almost entirely around our registration process and partner management processes.

As nearly everyone knows (or should know), testing is an integral part of the learning experience.  From the standpoint of understanding how effective any training is, testing is used to understand the change in knowledge.  Done properly, a student should be assessed prior to taking a course and then tested after the course in order to determine what change in knowledge took place as a result of that training.

In my role in working with Novell’s instructor community, I got heavily involved in learning evaluation and metrics.  Novell uses Knowledge Advisors’ “Metrics that Matter” tool for learning evaluation in the training courses, both direct from Novell and through our training partner channel.  The guys who started Knowledge Advisors even wrote a book about their methodology, entitled Human Capital Analytics (written by Kent Barnett & Jeffrey Berk – a must read for anyone interested in measuring and improving learning – and I didn’t just take that from the cover, though it is on the cover).

Part of the MTM methodology can utilize assessments to pre- and post- test students in order to work into the calculations, which include a return on investment calculation.  The system can work things out without the testing data, but it seems to me that testing helps validate the information (at the very least) produced by the ROI report.

So while I have changed roles, my aim still is very similar to what it has been for the past three years:  To demonstrate the value of Novell’s training programs.  This is going to be an interesting shift for me, and I know I’ll be writing more as I learn more in the world of testing.


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