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January 11, 2007


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I’ve noticed over the past couple of months of this blog being here that the readership is slowly but steadily increasing.  At the same time, there have been no comments posted yet.

I’m interested to know what the readers here think – I had set things up so that a login was required.  I’ve disabled that feature, but left the moderation feature on.  The reason I’m using moderation is solely to keep spam out of the comments.  I’m hoping that dropping the login requirement and only requiring a name and e-mail address will make it easier for people to comment on what I’m writing.

As I stated in my initial post here,  the purpose of this blog is:

1. Understand better what people think about technical certification and training

2. Help you – the reader – understand what it is that I have going through my head as I apply myself to tasks in my professional life

3. Foster some discussion about the pros and cons of technical training and certification

4. Help those who are thinking about jumping into an IT career make an informed decision about their options about how to get started

Don’t be shy – I’m interested in what you think of what I’ve written.


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  1. Today’s market requires a individual to have a career plan as you would a retirement plan. This should be a long-term plan that will keep you marketable in a globalized and diverse economy. You need at least a bachelors degree but then you also need work experience. As your work experience grows, the technical training and certifications keep you up to date in a work enviroment that’s diverse and global.This also will gives you an opportunty to move into different departments until you find that job you truly love. I am one of those baby boomers that could move up in a company with out a degree.
    The eighties and nineties brought globalization, mergers, hostile takeovers and acquisitions. As I saw technology making it easier for a company to expand, as a V.P of Product Development and Manufacturing for a Toy company, a larger company came along saw the Toy Company as a opportunity to reposition their company in Europe and N.Z. I then went back to school at 47 to finish a Bachelors in Marketing, Certification in Project Management (I have my PMP) and just finished a MBA. As with technology I am a memeber of registered Microsoft Partner, Intel Channel Partner, and New Product Development and Management Association and Product Management Institute. This allows me to keep up with technology and new business trends. I am 50, have 4 children, 1 grandchild,and two on the way. I enjoy learning new skills and people ( I prefer working with teams). Half of my day is at work, really most of my day is at work so I might as well enjoy it. Most of all I am glad to be done with school and it did pay for itself and then some.

    Comment by Laura — March 24, 2007 @ 21:51

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