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November 3, 2006

Blogging about Certification and Training…

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…Or maybe more commonly written as “About this Blog” (but that’s just so cliché).

In the world of Information Technology, it takes a fair amount of skill to be successful. As technology evolves, keeping up with the changes can be difficult, even for someone skilled in doing so. If you’re like I was when I worked in IT, often times you spend so much time fighting fires that you don’t have time to see how to make things more efficient and better as you implement new solutions.

That’s where training and certification come into play.

The intention behind this blog is to have open discussion about the importance and value of training and certification in the field of Information Technology.

Now I realise that the above sounds like so much “marketing-speak”. Given my position as the Global Manager for Instructor Programs and member of the Skills Assessment and Certification team at Novell, I can completely understand skepticism about what my goals and objectives are here.

I should disclaim a couple of things in addition to my line of work: first, I tend to be fairly verbose in my writing, so some of these posts might be fairly lengthy.

Secondly, I have long been a skeptic about the value of certification. My next post explains why.

So what exactly are my goals and objectives in this blog? Hopefully simple:

1. Understand better what people think about technical certification and training

2. Help you – the reader – understand what it is that I have going through my head as I apply myself to tasks in my professional life

3. Foster some discussion about the pros and cons of technical training and certification

4. Help those who are thinking about jumping into an IT career make an informed decision about their options about how to get started

The last one is perhaps idealistic, but something that I’d like to see happen as a result of the other three points.


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